Scott Canoe Anchor System

100_0219bThe Scott Canoe anchor system is made from a single 36” solid ash piece nearly 2 inches thick, a rugged Greenfield anchor pulley designed for heavy rope, a solid ash spacer plate to fit tightly in the bow of the boat, and a second set of clamp arms to ensure this anchor system will not slip.

I constructed this anchor arm after using a more common commercial anchor arm one fall while fishing down the West Branch of the Penobscot River.  The “over-the-counter” anchor arm flew off the bow after anchoring in heavy water.  It would twist frequently when anglers were moving in the boat.  There is nothing more frustrating than to take a long trip and have equipment failure.  This design will stay put.  I’ve used it with 15 and 20 lb anchors. This anchor system fits both the Hudson Bay and Albany models of Scott Canoes.


Scott Canoe Anchor System  — $75

Customers outside of the U.S. : Please contact me for shipping costs before ordering, so I can get you the best possible deal.