Scott Canoes

hen man - BKThen man salmonNo, I don’t sell Scott Canoes and I don’t get paid to advertise for them, but they are truly an awesome boat for fishing.  My fishing here in Maine is both river and lake fishing. These boats can handle the rough water and all the different styles of fishing, such as fast or slow trolling, casting and retrieving, and flycasting. I have customized my boat for all these needs.  I added a casting deck to the front.  This helps reach those distant fish when flyfishing. This year I added a cup holder in the the casting deck and all the seats.  Ya’ gotta have cup holders! The deck also provides storage space underneath for gear and a gas tank.  The gas line runs the length of the boat under the gunwales in customized spacers that also provide storage for rods (even 9′ flyrods), so they don’t get broken en route to the favorite fishing hole.The motor mount lets me have a trolling motor rigged up while my 10 hp outboard is on the back of the boat.  This way I can troll or chase the rising fish in stealth mode. The battery is stored under the rear seat, which I cut away to provide storage and access. I use the 6 inch motor mount to which I have mounted my Canon downrigger to the end opposite the motor.

My GPS and fishfinder are mounted on the thwart in front of the rear seat to provide easy visibility and out from under foot.

I highly recommend these boats and I am willing to answer any questions you might have or suggestions to customize these fishing machines.

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